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Axo Finans is one of the largest loan brokers in Scandinavia. Join our very own partner program and earn commission money from day 1. Here you can see your clicks, conversions, commission and EPC – all at the same place. All you have to do is to sign up and our affiliate support team will help you with the rest.

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What does an Axo Finans partner do?

As a partner you will earn money by generating high quality traffic to our website. When one of your customers convert by using our financial service you will earn a commission. The most common ways to generate traffic is through websites, blogs, email marketing, Google AdWords or Facebook ads.

About Axo Finans

Axo Finans is one of the largest loan brokers in Scandinavia. We are cooperating with a most of the well-known banks and creditors operating on the Norwegian market. The customer can through us reach out to over 16 banks at the same time with only one application. We offer consumer loans from 10 000 up to 500 000 kr with no security required.

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