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Monthly repayment

Low interest

1 200 kr

7,9% nom.

9% eff.

kr 14 000 kost.

kr 14 000 tot.

Medium interest

1 200 kr

12,9% nom.

9% eff.

kr 14 000 kost.

kr 14 000 tot.

High interest

1 200 kr

19,9% nom.

9% eff.

kr 14 000 kost.

kr 14 000 tot.

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Have you ever had the need for a personal loan, but been unsure about how to proceed? Bank credit in the form of a consumer loan is a loan which doesn't need any form of collateral, like a house, car, or apartment. This type of loan is well suited for the person who needs to loan money for a short period of time.

Read on to learn more about bank credit and personal loans.

Personal loans

If you apply for bank credit or a personal loan through Axo Finans, you'll get an offer about what's called an amortizing loan. This kind of loan is very predictable, and is paid back over a number of terms. The loan is unsecured, and you can decide for yourself how long you take to pay it back.

Getting bank credit without any security means you don't need to mortgage your own property, which would be a larger risk to the lenders. Thus the person who will be granted the loan must be assessed with regards to their ability to pay and their personal credit score. That means comparing income with total debt, which should not amount to more than five times gross annual income, and other potential factors relevant to the customers ability to pay. This information determines the final interest rate.

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Refinancing can be quite profitable

Refinance old debt

A refinancing loan pays off because:

  • You get a better interest rate
  • You get fewer fees
  • You get fewer costs
  • You get everything in one invoice
  • You get an overview of your economy
  • You get motivated to pay back the debt
  • You get better terms

Through Axo Finans you can, among other things, apply for bank credit to gather all your loans in one. In our case this is a personal loan without security. That means you do not need to put up any form of security in property or assets to have the loan granted. When you fill in the application form, specify that you want refinancing, along with the banks and creditors you want the loan to be paid to. All you need to do is fill in the application, and we'll take care of the rest. If you wish to borrow more in addition to the refinancing, specify this as well.

Which interest rate can you expect?

The interest rate you get through bank credit at one of our partners is individual. When you apply for a loan, you get an offer of a certain individual interest rate. This interest rate is both based on the market, and upon an individual credit assessment and your personal credit score. The bank or lender makes an assessment of you and your ability to pay based on information they can retrieve about you and the information you've given yourself. Among other things, the lender looks at your total debt and annual income, age, living situation, payment history, and if you have any payment remarks

There are two types of interest rates we primarily talk about when it comes to a loan offer:

  • Nominal interest rate: This is the base rate, and based upon your individual credit assessment and the market rate.
  • Effective interest rate:This is the base rate with the addition of all fees and costs. This is what you should look at when applying for a loan, as this is what tells you how much the loan is actually going to cost.

You can also inquire with the bank or lending institution you have a loan with about whether it's possible to get a cheaper interest rate based on updated information about you. If for example your income is higher and you have less debt, this can result in a lower interest rate. If this isn't possible, we recommend that you look for a refinancing loan. By gathering credit cards and small loans you cansave money, and get a better overview of your total debt.

When you send an application to Axo Finans, we forward it to all our partners. By comparing loans from many banks and lenders, all our partners will be competing for you as a customer. That's the way to get the best loan offer, adapted to your own economy.

Why apply through Axo Finans?


We are one of Norway's best financial intermediaries when it comes to loans, and we'll help you apply for bank credit easily and effectively. Our goal is to find the offer that suits you the best, without you having to negotiate with the lenders yourself. We do this job for you! We collaborate with many of the leading banks and lenders in the world, and thus make sure that you'll get one of the market's best loan offers.

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Do you want an offer for a personal loan? Apply today! The application process is secure, quick, and simple, as well as completely cost-free and noncommittal.

Personal loans and bank credit
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